The Oswestry Karate Kodokai is part of Kazoku Kai International (K.K.I). Kazoku can be translated into the English word “family” and this reflects the sentiment at the heart of the organisation: that all members are an extended family and should be made welcome like family. It is an International Association with members in various countries around the world including India, Canada, Germany, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Sri-Lanka and The Gulf states.

The basic idea of Kazoku Kai was brought into being by the Chief instructor Derek Ridgway (Shichidan: 7th Dan) in 1984. Kazoku Kai International is a member of the Traditional Martial Arts Federation of which Ridgway Sensei is the principal instructor and technical director. As such, being part of Kazoku Kai awards many opportunities for training with Karateka and Budoka of great experience and knowledge.

To quote the Kazoku Kai site on the Aims of the organisation:

“The main aims of the association shall be to foster and develop Karate along traditional lines. To teach and preserve the Traditional Kata and their Bunkai (applications) and to promote friendship and an open attitude to learning between karate-ka of different styles.”

Aims that the Kodokai also aspires to. Please feel free to visit the Kazoku Kai International Website for further information.


To become a member of Oswestry Karate Kodokai is simple: you need only show up to train. Although, there are some small hurdles to jump, which will now be explained.


Keith Williams (Nidan: 2nd Dan) has Martial Guard Indemnity Insurance as underwritten by Allianz Insurance PLC, and as required by Kazoku Kai International to be an active instructor. Please, feel free to request proof of said insurance if you wish.

However, every individual member is required to secure individual member-to-member insurance through purchasing a Member Licence. The first licence is issued with a free record book to contain all the records of your karate progress. As well as your licence slip which you need to keep in case you need to claim.

This can be purchased via the Kazoku Kai online store, however, you will not be requested to secure insurance until attending at least five sessions. However, you will be required to sign a consent form acknowledging that Karate is a contact-sport and that you accept the inherent dangers until you secure a licence. If you are not confident buying the Licence online you can contact us for assistance.


The first session for both Adults and Youths (Under 18) is Free. The Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth sessions are to be paid for in advance with a Deposit of £10. After the first five sessions a student is to pay a monthly subscription or pay on a session by session basis. Below are costs of each plan:

Individual Session Cost: £5

Subscription Plans:

Attend Four Sessions during a Calendar Month (One session a week): £15

Attend Eight Sessions during a Calendar Month (Two sessions a week): £30

Attend all available sessions during a Calendar Month: £45

Annual Plans:

Annual Membership – Adult: £300 Junior/Student: £250

Annual Membership including Keikogi (Training Uniform), training shoes, and gloves –  Adult: £350 Junior/Student: £300

*Annual Membership Fees based on a student planning to attend 8 sessions a month

Although we aim to be affordable we understand the difficulties of finances. We believe in Sport for All, and that these prices might be a barrier to people still. We are willing to accept Pro Bono contributions to give people the opportunity to be involved in Karate.


It is the responsibility of the instructor to provide you with a safe place to train and to ensure you receive safe and sound coaching. You should not be asked to do anything you are unprepared for, unequipped for, or are uncomfortable attempting. Training should be challenging, but not distressing. It should be realistic to the dangers and stresses of combat, but it should not be reckless or dangerous through neglecting basic principles of safety.

Your responsibilities as a student are to make sure your licence is valid and that you are conscientious of your fellow students. That means being attentive to instruction and respecting each other. Everyone is on the training floor to improve. Cultivate a mindset of teamwork, although Karate is a personal endeavour training is more rewarding with good training partners.