Change of Venue

Evening all. Training is resuming tomorrow. We have moved location to Open Space Studios CIC but our starting time is still 18:00 (6:00 PM) and we still train for an hour. Please, remain covid aware so please wear a mask until we begin training. If you are not sure where Open Space Studios are, if you make your way to Oswestry Library, the entrance is there on the side of the building. The first session is free if you want to come and give Karate a try. Hope to see you at training. – Keith Williams, Chief Instructor of Karate Kodokai.

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Changes to Training Times

Hello all.

Friday training times are now from 18:00-19:00 (6:00-7:00 PM) and we are moving back into the Wilfred Owen room upstairs.

Sadly, I have decided to cease sessions in St Martin’s due to lack of interest. I will strive to find a new location to offer a second session as soon possible.

Kind Regards
Keith Williams
Chief Instructor of Karate Kodokai

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Update regarding St Martin’s

Hello all

Unfortunately, I have to postpone beginning a session in St Martin’s until further notice. I have a number of Saturday commitments over the next few months, and as I am the lone instructor, this would mean a lot of of cancellations of Saturday sessions.

Also, I have been struggling to find a suitable venue. The venue I had hoped to use has been, to put it politely, hopeless with communication. I will continue to search and may consider moving the proposed session day to Wednesdays based on interest. If a Wednesday session in St Martin’s would interest you, please let me know.

Apologies for any disappointment.

Kind Regards

Keith Williams, Chief Instructor of Karate Kodokai

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Update on Training Dates and Fees

Afternoon all.

I have chosen to postpone outdoor training now until next Spring or Summer. The unseasonable weather earlier in the year, along with its chaotic nature, sadly meant outdoor training was not a great success. With restrictions hopefully reducing on the 19th July we can have growing confidence with indoor training.

With that said I will be requiring masks continue to be worn on entrance to the buildings we are training in, and for training shoes to be worn. I will be continuing to take precautions as is my responsibility until infection rates drop dramatically, and as many people as possible are vaccinated.

On a happier note I should be starting an additional session in St Martin’s which will be on Saturday afternoons. I am finalising agreements with the probable venue currently.

I have had to review costs and fees in light of room rates. Please see the membership page for details.

If you have any inquiring please contact myself at or via phone at 07814 786279. You can also get in touch through one of the two following Face Book Pages:

Thank you for your time

Kind Regards

  • Keith Williams, Chief Instructor or Karate Kodokai.
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Update on returning to training

Ladies and Gentlemen. With lock down restrictions hopefully reducing over the coming months we can finally offer a time-line for a return to training.

We will be offering outdoor training beginning the week of the 12th of April. We will be gathering at Brynhafod Playing Field for training from 18:00/6:00 PM to 19:30/7:30 PM on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Please, contact us to let us know if you would be interested in attending as we will still have to respect restrictions on numbers allowed to gather.

From May 17th we will return to indoor training. Times and Days during the week to be confirmed. Again, there will have to be restrictions on numbers, so please get in touch to register your interest.

From the 27th June a Sunday beginner’s session will be commencing. Times to determined as it will depend on which time suits the most people interested in attending.

From the 21st June we will hopefully have no further restrictions on attendance. However, until then, please let us know your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will have to turn people away until the 21st to remain compliant with number restrictions for the safety of everyone training.

Kind Regards- Keith Williams, Chief Instructor of Karate Kodokai

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