Update on Training Dates and Fees

Afternoon all.

I have chosen to postpone outdoor training now until next Spring or Summer. The unseasonable weather earlier in the year, along with its chaotic nature, sadly meant outdoor training was not a great success. With restrictions hopefully reducing on the 19th July we can have growing confidence with indoor training.

With that said I will be requiring masks continue to be worn on entrance to the buildings we are training in, and for training shoes to be worn. I will be continuing to take precautions as is my responsibility until infection rates drop dramatically, and as many people as possible are vaccinated.

On a happier note I should be starting an additional session in St Martin’s which will be on Saturday afternoons. I am finalising agreements with the probable venue currently.

I have had to review costs and fees in light of room rates. Please see the membership page for details.

If you have any inquiring please contact myself at contact@karatekodokai.com or via phone at 07814 786279. You can also get in touch through one of the two following Face Book Pages:


Thank you for your time

Kind Regards

  • Keith Williams, Chief Instructor or Karate Kodokai.
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